Donated Flights Log

The below listing memorializes all donated flights and events which the First & Finest has been honored to be a part of.


01-09-2012Magnolia Historical Society
04-10-2012Deptford Day Committee Fund Drive
04-28-2012Gloucester County YMCA – Woodbury, NJ
05-19-2012Deptford Day
06-06-2012Pitman Police Community Day
06-09-2012Deptford Little League
06-23-2012Deptford Marine Corp League
08-02-2012Monroe Township Police Community Day
08-07-2012Monroe Township Police Community Day
08-09-2012Glassboro Police Community Day
09-11-2012September 11th Flights
AM:  Flew from Gloucester County Police Academy to Clayton High School
PM:  Flew from Gloucester County College to Monroe Township
During both September 11th flights we hung a large American flag from the gondola basket and dubbed these “The Terrorists May Kiss Our Ass Flights”
09-16-2012Corporal Steve Levy, Washington Township Police Department – Memorial
09-21-2012Balloon Festival – New York
09-22-2012Represented Law Enforcement – New York Balloon Festival
09-23-2012Flew with over 100 hot air balloons – New York Balloon Festival
10-07-2012Deptford Soccer Festival – Deptford Township, NJ
10-09-2012Deptford Fire Company Fund Drive – Deptford Township, NJ
10-21-2012Lady of Peace Church – Williamstown, NJ
10-25-2012Pilot Steven Moylan received “Volunteer of the Year” award from the Volunteer Center of Gloucester County.
12-24-2012Santa Flight – Deptford Township to Glassboro, NJ
Observed by hundreds of kids of all ages.  Followed by approximately 30 vehicles.  Gave free rides with Santa to every kid that came to our landing site.  What a way to end 2012!
01-09-2013“Come Fly With Us”  – Deptford Recreation Center
Anniversary of Americas First Flight
04-09-2013Deptford Day Committee Fund Drive
04-27-2013YMCA – Woodbury, NJ
05-18-2013Deptford Day – Deptford Township, NJ
06-04-2013Chiefs Corner Radio Show – Vineland, NJ
06-12-2013Pitman Police Community Day
08-06-2013Deptford Police Community Day
09-07-2013Newfield Police Community Day
09-20-2013Balloon Festival – New York
09-21-2013Represented Law Enforcement – New York Balloon Festival
09-22-2014Flew with over 100 hot air balloons – New York Balloon Festival
10-23-2013Washington Township Fire Company Community Day
10-24-2013Central School – Deptford Township, NJ
01-09-2014“Come Fly With Us” – Deptford Township Recreational Center
01-30-2014“The Places You’ll Go” – Central School
05-10-2014Westville Boro 100 Year Anniversary Parade
05-17-2014Deptford Day Community Event
05-20-2014Monroe Township Ambulance Community Day
06-06-2014EAA Experimental Aircraft Association – Williamstown, NJ
06-07-2014EAA Experimental Aircraft Association – Williamstown, NJ
06-14-2014Alex’s Lemonade Stand (cancer fund drive) – Washington Township, NJ
06-16-2014Olivet School – Elmer, NJ
08-05-2014Deptford Police Community Event – Deptford Township, NJ
08-09-2014Ronald McDonald House Charity – Marlton, NJ
08-16-2014“Sky High Raffle” – Woodbury Rotary
09-09-2014Newfield Police Community Event – Newfield, NJ
09-19-2014Balloon Festival – New York
09-20-2014Represented Law Enforcement – Balloon Festival – New York
09-21-2014Flew with over 100 hot air balloons – Balloon Festival – New York
11-12-2014Chestnut Ridge School – Washington Township, NJ
12-20-2014“Santa Flight”GCC Church to County House Village at Deptford/Washington Twp border
12-21-2014“Santa Flight” GCC Church to Washington Township High School
During both santa flights we gave free short flights to kids that greeted us.  What a way to end 2014!
01-08-2015“Come Fly With Us” – Deptford Township community event – Recreation Center
01-12-2015“Deptfords Place in Aviation History” RCA Retired Employees – Mt. Laurel, NJ
04-04-2015Gloucester County Community Church – Sewell, NJ
04-19-2015Boy Scouts – Elmer, NJ
05-02-2015Pope Paul VI Fund Drive – Haddonfield, NJ
05-16-2015Deptford Day Community Event
05-22-2015Good Intent School – Deptford Township, NJ
05-24-2015Memorial Day – Oak Valley, NJ
06-13-2015Relay For Life – Gloucester Township, NJ
06-19-2015Hero Scholarship Fund
06-20-2015Flights for Fallen Heroes
06-21-2015Chester County, PA
07-05-2015In honor of our nations birthday we flew the american flag from Gloucester County Community College (GCCC) to Glassboro, NJ.  Gave free rides to residents at landing site.
07-14-2015Washington Crossing Scout Council BSA.  Week long aviation themed camp; Lawrenceville Township, NJ.
08-04-2015Deptford Police Night Out
08-11-2015Woodbury Libary
09-12-2015Deptford Midget Football
9-18, 19 & 20 -2015Balloon Festival  – Glenn Falls, NY
12-05-2015Santa Flight – From GCCC to Glassboro “Free Rides to all kids that greeted us”
01-07-2016“Come Fly with Us” – Deptord, NJ
02-07-2016Woodbury Cub Scouts – First Landing Site in Deptford, NJ
05-15-2016Pittsgrove Township Community Day – Pittsgrove, NJ
05-23-2016Salute to the Military / Police / Fire – Mission BBQ  Deptford, NJ
06-04-2016Gloucester City Community Day – Gloucester, NJ
06-14-2016Pittman Boro Community Day – Pittman, NJ
06-18-2016Flight to Honor Deptford High Teacher – GCCC to Glassboro
07-11-2016Deptford Mayor & Council present “Outstanding Community Service Award” to pilots & crew of F&F
08-02-2016Deptford Police Community Event
08-05-2016Deptford Rotary
08-06-2016Ronald McDonald House Charity Event – Marlton, NJ
08-13-2016Heart of South Jersey Charity Event – Mullica Hill, NJ
09-11-2016“September 11th Salute to First Responders” – Millville, NJ
09-17-2016Dupont Children’s Hospital – Deptford, NJ
09-18-2016“Ride to Remember” – “Fallen Officers” – Gloucester County, NJ
9-23, 24 & 25 -2016“Represent Law Enforcement” Balloon Festival – Queensbury, NY
10-15-2016Westville Boro Community Event
10-16-2016Incarnation Church – Mantua, NJ
01-09-2017“Come Fly with Us” – Deptord, NJ
03-04-2017Safety Training  – Princeton University, NJ
03-23-2017Balloon & Equipment Inspection – Bally, PA
04-08-2017Crew Training Session  – Deptford, NJ
05-20-2017Pittsgrove Township Community Day – Pittsgrove, NJ