First & Finest Junior Balloon

Because we are often invited to fly at events held at locations that are not large enough to accommodate the real 100 foot tall “First & Finest,” we decided to purchase a flying scale model replica “First & Finest.”

Since 2006 “Junior” has flown in smaller venues such as school gyms, church parking lots, playgrounds, civic auditoriums etc..  One of the most unusual inside flights was for the Federal Aviation Administration’s “Aviation Day For Kids.”  We flew inside the FAA Technical Center, at Atlantic City New Jersey, in the main building atrium up to the fourth floor.

At larger outside events “Junior” has flown along side his dad, the “First & Finest.”

First & Finest Balloon
HeightApproximately 100’ Tall
WidthApproximately 50’ Diameter (at equator)
WeightApproximately 650 lbs
FuelTwo 15 gallon propane tanks.  (Fuel for approximately 2-3 hours of flight)
CapacityPilot + 3 or 4 passengers
Longest Non-Stop Distance FlownDeptford NJ  to  Mays Landing NJ (36 miles)
Average Flight DurationOne Hour
Average Flight DistanceVaries according to conditions

First & Finest Junior Balloon
HeightApproximately 20’ Tall
WidthApproximately 10’ Diameter (at equator)
WeightApproximately 30 lbs
FuelFour 1/2 liter propane tanks.  (Fuel for approximately 1/2 hour of flight)
CapacityScale model police officer (“Corporal Punishment”)
ControlRadio control similar to model planes, cars, etc…