Random Acts of Kindness

The mission of the First & Finest has fostered many special relationships with the people we’ve met.  So many people that we could surely write a book of memoirs. 

The following is the story of one small act of kindness and the impact it had on a new friend we met, as well as on our crew.

In June 2007, the First & Finest participated in the “American Cancer Society Relay for Life,” held at Clearview High School in Mullica Hill, New Jersey.  Soon after the event we received the below correspondence from Brenda Krier of Franklinville, New Jersey.

Brenda’s letter was so very much appreciated by the First & Finest crew.  It demonstrated to us that our missions could indeed have a positive impact in our community.  Soon after receiving Brenda’s correspondence, we reached out and invited her to be a spectator at another launch.

The invitation included an opportunity for Brenda to snap those special photos before the crew and scheduled passengers launched.  Of course, we had something a little more fulfilling in mind, but we’ll let Brenda tell the story.

Brenda and our crew enjoyed a beautiful flight that day.  Sharing laughter and tears, special lasting relationships were forged and the reasons for our crew to continue the mission became ever so clear.  Thank you Brenda.

Visit “Relay for Life” to learn more about the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.