How to Fly with Us

While we donate 70% of our flights to deserving groups or individuals, we do reserve approximately 30% of our flights as charter (paid) flights.  Donations, sponsorships, as well as funds received from the chartered flights helps pay our expenses. 

If you are thinking about flying with us but asking yourself: “What is it like?” or “Will I be afraid?” or numerous other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  Please read the stories and testimony of some of our passengers, including a Nun in her 80’s (Can’t Top That!).

If God trusts us to fly his Nuns, why not trust us to fly you.

For Information on Chartered Flights – Contact:

First & Finest
c/o Deptford Township Police
1011 Cooper Street
Deptford, New Jersey  08095

Phone:  856.686.2204  ext-1100